With Gayrimenkul Ara, you can easily access the parcel information you want to inquire, view its zoning status and value estimation analysis.


Main Features of the Product

You can check the technical specifications page to review detailed features and technical descriptions.

Parcel Query
You can view all the details in the Netcad GIS application by filling in the information of the parcel you have selected.
Use of Templates
Thanks to the basemap and database of the Real Estate Search template, you can easily access parcel information and save all your queries on your computer.
Zoning Status Document
You can view the zoning status document of the parcel you queried, and see the areas where you can access zoning status information on the map.
Value Prediction Analysis
You can easily access the information obtained from the Netcad Valuation Center and monitor the variables of the property.
Location Query
You can make location based queries from the map. You can view and save the information about the parcel you are querying.
Easily Accessible Help Menu
You can easily access the help menu from the application menu, and manage your work with user-oriented interfaces.

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