With nview, you can view your NCZ files wherever you want. You can query location, distance and area and export these queries.

You can add photos, voice recordings and notes from where you work. The nview, which is shaped according to the needs of the users in the field, provides advanced solutions. With nview, it is possible to upload and view CAD files from smart devices and internet browsers. nview also offers the ability to share and store CAD files.

nview can make distance, location and area queries and export the results. In addition to these, it has the ability to add location-based photographs, voice recordings and notes. In this way, it is possible to correctly integrate the collected data in the field into the project. Thanks to nview, multi-layered and field-integrated projects can be obtained.


Main Features of the Product

You can check the technical specifications page to review detailed features and technical descriptions.

Your CAD data at your fingertips in the field
Project and field integration is now very easy with nview. You can easily view the NCZ files you have uploaded to your account from your smart device. You can get instant location information from your smart device and track your displacement from the CAD file. You can enrich your project thanks to the online maps included in the application.
Ability to Draw Point,Line and Polygon on the Data
With nview, it is very easy to query location, area and distance in the field through your CAD data. Thanks to the queries you can make, possible differences between your project and the field are eliminated. You can snap to the vertices on the NCZ file you view.
Multi-Layered Projects
nview also provides you some of the layer structure capabilities in Netcad GIS. It offers the features of viewing the layers of the NCZ file you upload to nview and toggle them on and off. You can enrich your project with the online maps available in the application.
Export Field Data
With nview, spatial queries based on location, distance and area can be exported in .kml format. These exports with their projections defined in the desired format can then be integrated into NETCAD GIS in kml format. Features that will enrich the projects such as photographs from the field, sound recordings and text notes are offered to users with nview.
Offline Maps
While working in the field, nview is with you even in areas where there is no internet access. It is possible to work offline in predetermined areas with the CAD file uploaded to your account. You can work offline with this file-based capability.
Location Tracking Capability
Location tracking capability plays a vital role in field and project integration. After activating the location tracking capability, the nview tracks your location and stores this data in the application.You can then add it to your CAD file with Netcad GIS. In this way, you can easily access your movement history in the field later.

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